Siv Anita Austad

Discussion in English about the housemate swap between Big Brother Finland and Big Brother Norway. Here is quick guide to the BBPlaza forums. Welcome to all our Norwegian friends!

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Siv Anita Austad

Viesti Kirjoittaja Spencer » 21 Loka 2011 16:31

Discussion in English about Siv Anita.
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Re: Siv Anita Austad

Viesti Kirjoittaja mirian » 22 Loka 2011 17:48

Okei, I was following BBN yesterday and I have only now managed to watch Siv Anita in our own house a little bit more. Is she in BBN also that quiet or is she unhappy in BBF? Depressed or something? She seems SO quiet and distant to her new housemates... :keineahnung:

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Re: Siv Anita Austad

Viesti Kirjoittaja Tirkka » 22 Loka 2011 19:15

She's much cuter in the live feed than in the promotion pics! Not as cute as Tiia Maria or Silje and absolutely not as sexy as Lena but not bad! :tu

Too bad she seems to be a bit sad sometimes, i hope she doesn't feel bad about being in our BB house. :(
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